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Can Perspective or Nonlinear Distortion Calibration solve my problem

I have this image ::


I capture it use webcam

the problem is in some position the object appear as only circle and in other position the  the entire object appear as that in the border !!!!!!


How can I solve the problem so can I see always the object as circle >>>???


 i use  point Calibration but no result i get

best regads

hi ?Q>

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If you have that grid, and you know where the dots are supposed to be, then you can use those two sets of coordinates to calculate a transformation matrix.

I did this once for perspective correction but I don't know if there's a built in function in LabVIEW. I implemented it myself, see this for the math:

Link (click)


I don't know whether or not the perspective transform will work in your case.

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