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Setting network compile server and Compiling for different LV FPGA version clients



Due to compatibility issues among RIO hardware (cRIO-9073 and sbRIO-9632), LV FPGA+RT, NI-RIO driver and OS (Windows10) I have to setup a "network compile server". Brief intro into my situation follows.


PC configurations compatible with the above Spartan-3 based RIO devices are these 3:


1. Config#1
WindowsXP SP3 (x32)
LabVIEW FPGA + RT 2015 SP1 (x32)
NI-RIO 15.5.0


Windows10 (x64)
LabVIEW FPGA + RT 2015 SP1 (x32)
NI-RIO 18.5.0


Windows10 (x64)
LabVIEW FPGA + RT 2019 SP1 (x32/x64)
NI-RIO 19.5.0


My questions (apologies if stupid) are the following:



Config#1 can compile also "locally" for the above RIO targets with the use of the LAST(?) corresponding compilation tool - Xilinx 2015 ISE 14.7?



Due to Windows10 Configs #2 and #3 require remote "worker" on Windows7+SP1 with the appropriate Xilinx 201# ISE 14.7 tool?



Can the worker be setup to compile for (more) both LV 2015 SP1 and LV 2019 SP1 FPGA systems, or just for a single LV FPGA version? If version compatibility is viable, is a newer Xilinx tool backwards compatible with older versions?


What do I need to install on the remote compile server - Xilinx 14.7 and/or Compile Farm and/or ...?


Sorry if my Qs are redundant, but it's been more than a decade... 🙂


Thanks in advance,

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