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Sequence execution

can anybody send me and example  of the other way of doing the sequence execution??
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Here is an example of adding with a wait using a state machine.
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Hi : Can you send the example in Labview 8.0 or an image??
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Hi there,


I've just read your post and I'm interested to find out where did you get the flat sequence structure from? I'm using labview 6.1 and I haven't been able to locate this one yet.





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The flat sequence wasn't added until LabVIEW 7.


I would say it's about time to upgrade.Smiley Wink

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I wouldn't upgrade just for the flat sequence


try using the state machine concept to perform sequences.  that way you can edit your sequence very easy. 


if you are up for a small learning curve download the state machine design pattern from the openG toolkit and learn that model.  you can then use what they term macros to script a sequence of states

- James

Using LV 2012 on Windows 7 64 bit
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James R wrote:

I wouldn't upgrade just for the flat sequence


No, of course not.  But so much else as changed since then as well.  How old is LV6?  About 6 years old?

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>sequences are evil


Now, now, they aren't always evil:


Sequences are a tool for explicit control of execution order. People often promote using error cluster wiring to control execution order, but I think that's evil, because wiring error clusters for the goal of handling errors is a clear and well defined use of error wires, and doing it for some other goal obscures the programming intent. It's a programming trick, and programming tricks are fun and clever for a day and then turn into traps for the next time the code is examined.


Besides, if it weren't for sequences, we wouldn't have the biggest glyph in the LabVIEW icon!

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Well what happens when you have a sequence with 15 frames and you want to re-arrange frames 3,5,8 and 12 but you only want to do that in certain instances


do you still suggest using a sequence?


That is why i suggested to use a scripted state machine

- James

Using LV 2012 on Windows 7 64 bit
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