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Security Error with .NET assembly on Mapped Drive

Hi all,


I'm getting the following error when trying to call a .net assembly that is located on a mapped drive. I've found the following: that seems to indicate how to fix this error. However, the error persists. Both the vi and the dll reside together on my mapped drive. This is a mapped drive from parallels (i.e. the files reside on my MAC partition). It's a long story on why it isn't pratical to put them on my local c drive. I would like to find a way to get them to work on this mapped drive.



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This should be a system security issue. Network located code has only partial trust. Try to compile the assembly with the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute


read this:


Hope it helps


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Unfortunately that isn't possible in this case as the assembly is from a vendor.

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You need to grant code trust to the network drive. The correct tool to do this is most likely microsofts caspol( )



Should be something like:

caspol -q -machine -addgroup 1 -url file://K:/* FullTrust -name "K map"

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Tried that as well. Still no luck.

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