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Scilab scripts

Hi all, On my computer labview 2015 (32 bit) and SCIlab 6.0.0 (64 bit) are installed is it possible to use scilab script.

Thanks by advance

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Hi Geraud,


Have you heard about the Scilab/LabVIEW gateway?

I suggest you look at those documents :


Connecting LabVIEW with Scilab

LabVIEW to Scilab Gateway - Scilab Enterprises




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Hi Jun,

Yes I do, as it was already explained within my previous post labview gateway 32bit is currently installed on my laptop as well as labview 2015 32bit and Scilab 6.0.0.

Nevertheless, i got a 1046 error even for each try of scilab script.

Does anybody get this problem, and let me know if somebody somwhere use succesfully the same configration to run scilab scripts.




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