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SMC JXC928 Ethernet/IP Motor Driver with LabVIEW

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Hi All,

I want to communicate directly with an SMC driver JXC928 to control multiple motors via LabVIEW via Ethernet/IP protocol.

I have found an NI-Industrial Communication for Ethernet/IP driver but it seems to only work as an adapter to PLC. I have also seen a similar post

but it did not confirm if the motor driver can be controlled directly.

I appreciate all the help.

Thank you very much.

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The approach presented in the link you added is completely possible. The Ethernet/IP driver you mentioned was built using the TCP/IP functions. In this way, if you have the IP address of your motor drive and you know the commands it understands, you should be able to establish communication with it. To answer your question, yes the motor can be controlled directly, but you need to know how the driver works under the hood. Also, consider this driver as a reference:

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Hi @Bcortes

Thank you very much for your response.

Upon some reading and researching, I have now been able to set-up a communication to the controller using the available Ethernet IP driver in LabVIEW.

I have managed to read the inputs well but having some problem on the output. The controller does not respond to the stream of bits that I am sending.

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May I also add, I have just found out that I have an error on my write VI as follows:

I am not familiar with this error. Can someone help me explain this?

Thank you very much.


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I am glad to know that you have made progress. Regarding the error I would like to know if you have already tried the following documentation:

CIP Error - CIP Extended Status: 0x311 with the EtherNet/IP driver




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Accepted by topic author ainnrc

Hi @Bcortes

Thank you very much for your reply.

Upon further reading, I  have now managed to get this thing working. Error Code 0x13 means that I am not sending enough bits to the controller.

Based on controller manual, every command must be 128 bits long. So for every commands that I sent, I just need to append enough number of zeros to make it 128 bits as a whole. Sounds like a silly error on my part. 



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Hi @ clnglenn

I am glad to know that the system is working. Also, I am sure that this is going to be useful for the community, thanks for posting. 

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Hello, we are trying to work with the JXC91 controller as well.  Could you by chance share your code that allows you to communicate?  We have no experience with Ethernet/IP devices.


Thank you

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Hi Bcortes,


Can you please describe your solution of this problem, actuating an SMC motor directly from a computer using Ethernet?

Particularly, how did you establish the connection and what was the format of the command?


Thank you



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Dear medendoc,

we are trying also to work with an JXC91  and we have no experience.

Is it possibile to see some example codes? Did you received example?


Thanks a lot,




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