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SIT model controls pause button


My goal is to implement a simulink model as dll with SIT Connection Manager into LabView. Then I want to run the simulation, pause it, have a discussion and then go on again from the moment I stopped it.

To do this I started with the simple sine wave model adjusting frequency and amplitude and plotting the signal.  It works fine but for my aim to just hold the simulation for a while, the pause button in the Model Controls field looks fine for me. But whenever i start the simulation this pause button is disabled and grey. All other buttons (run, stop, remap, etc.) work are enabled. By using the stop button the simulation starts again from time zero. I also tried the given examples, but without success.

Why is not possible to use this button and what can I do to simply stop the model and continue later from the time I stopped.


 Thank you for your support!

Kind regards


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Hi again,

meanwhile I accepted that using the pause button while simulating a dll model is not possible. To handle my problem in a different way, Im thinking to extract the time from the wavechart when I stopped the simulation and giving it back to the model for the next simulation as kind of initial value. Therefore I want to set the start time of the simulation like the time I extracted from stopping. Is there any possibility to influence the start time for the simulation of the dll model. In simulink its possible to specify the start time......

As the sinus example is just the beginning and I want to use integrators with initial values Im looking for a method to handle the missing pause possiblity while using dlls because always starting from zero is in my case not possible.


Thanks for the support

Kind regards 

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Hi Christoph,

the easiest solution might be to enable the "Show toolbar when running" option in the model-controlling VI. You can then pause the whole execution with LabVIEW's own pause button...


Best regards,


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