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Standard deviation in graph (bar chart)

Dear Community,

I am looking for a solution for my measurement analysis software, programmed in LabVIEW 8.5:


I have an array (1D, double) with some data. This data is shown in an graph as a bar chart (attachment 1 & 2).

Aditionally, there is an other array (also 1D, double) with the standard deviation of my data in the upper array (both calculated via standard deviation and variance VI)

How can I integrate this standard deviation in my graph to be shown as (colored) error bars (attachment 3)


Thanks for your help!

Best regards,



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Dear lwo,


You can add two more channels.

One with mittelwert+standardabweichung/2

and one with mittelwert-standardabweichung/2 .

Then configure them to show only symbols and no line.

Color them red and choose a cross as symbol.


Be sure, the mittelwert channel is the first one in the array,

or the bars will hide the crosses.


Best regards,

Stefan Heinzl


Message Edited by Stefan Heinzl on 03-09-2009 09:56 AM
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