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Report generation toolkit problem

hello everyone,

i am using Export waveform to for getting data into excel. i have downloaded  and install the Report Generation toolkit 1.13 for make it working but still it seems not working 

i am using labview8.6 on windows xp with Microsoft Excel 2003 .

i have tried the same vi on an other  computer with same configuration and it works there, but not on my PC, i want to ask is there any thing wrong with my version and the Report Generation toolkit? or i am installing it wrong? or is there any specific folder or path i have to mention during installation of toolkit? if yes then how could i uninstall the existing toolkit because i couldnt find the installed toolkit path or location on my PC?



looking forward ... 

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Hi Hussain,


Are you still having these problems.

Can you use other functions in the toolkit or is it just that one.

Do you have other versions of labview than 8.6 intalled on your computer ?



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