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Report generation toolkit jumping between workbooks

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I am having an issue with my VI which I am wondering if anyone has a fix too or workaround.

Basically during my tests I write multiple sets of data to different sheets in Excel using the Report Generation Toolkit.

At the start of my code I open a workbook (template Excel file), I write data to the file at the end of each test for each iteration and then save and close the file at the end.

I have attached a PNG of one of my sub VIs which writes one set of data to one sheet, this could be called numerous times during my code.


The issue I have is that if I am working with a seperate workbook, each time my sub VI runs it will jump to the test results workbook.

I am aware that I do "Get" the workbook in my code and this is why it happens.


Is there a way to call different sheets in a workbook in a VI without affecting the user who is working on a seperate workbook, write data in the background?

I am unsure if it is possible to write data to different sheets in a workbook without using the "Excel Get Worksheet VI" before entering the data.

I also know I could just save all data in arrays and then at the very end write all data to the workbook but this is not a preference


Any information would be gratefully appreciated



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Sorry didn't mention any details, I'm using the following:


LabVIEW 2010 SP1,

Report Genration Toolkit for LV 2010,

Office 2010,

Windows XP







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Accepted by topic author pmcdonnell

Changed the window state to "No Change" in the new report VI


Seems to have done the trick

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