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Redirecting PFI 0 TO RTSI 0?

my task is rather simple: I want to transfer the signal present on PFI0 of my NI6025 to RTSI0 and then use it to trigger the frame grabber NI1429. All this using CVI and traditional NIDAQ.
I tried e.g.:
Select_Signal ((short)card, ND_IN_START_TRIGGER, ND_PFI_0, ND_LOW_TO_HIGH);

Select_Signal ((short)card, ND_RTSI_0, ND_IN_START_TRIGGER, ND_LOW_TO_HIGH);

BTW: I do not perform any triggered measurement on NIDAQ. Could it be that signal forwarding is only done during triggered acquisition?

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OK, looks like my Question ended up in the wrong forum. It is not LabView I use. Anyway, the behavior of NIDAQ should be the same. I have to add the following. Actually I do end endless double-buffered acquisition without using any triggers on the NIDAQ card. It seems somehow that the setup of the acquisition resets the trigger mapping. I did not help to set it new after DAQ setup. At least, the usual measurement is not disturbed by this.

Thanks for any comments,
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If you want to route the start trigger of your 6025 to the RTSI-Bus you can simply write:

Select_Signal(deviceNum, ND_RTSI_0, ND_IN_START_TRIGGER, ND_LOW_TO_HIGH);

The signal will automatically go to the line RTSI0 without having to route it manually to PFI0.

Best regards

Ken Tobler
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Thanks Ken,

do you know wether the propagation of the the signal is dependent on the acquistion stae or mode of the NI6025.
I have the impression, that the routing is only done when a triggered mode is used. But I have not checked this yet.

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in the meantime I tried with a very simple program:


int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
short DAQCard;
int res=0;

Init_DA_Brds (1, &DAQCard);
// route A
res=Select_Signal ((short)1, ND_IN_START_TRIGGER, ND_PFI_0, ND_LOW_TO_HIGH);
// route B
res=Select_Signal ((short)1, ND_RTSI_0, ND_IN_START_TRIGGER, ND_LOW_TO_HIGH);
return 0;

I set a break point at 'return 0' and tried all combinations of A and B by commenting them out or swap. In neither case the signal on PFI0 appeared on RTSI0. Of course the card ID is 1.
I assume that a triggered acquisition must be activated to get the PFI0 propagated?!

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