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Real time multiple plots

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I'm trying to overlay the readout of an instrument on the same plot in real time. I'm trying to get the output of graph 1 to be plotted point by point. Or find a way to remove the return to origin line that appears in graph 2.




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There is a distinction in LabVIEW where "graphs" are used to plot a set of data and "charts" are used to plot point by point. There are more distinctions than that, and you can certainly stretch one to do the other's job, but that is generally their use cases. Try switching to a chart to see if you can get your desired behavior.

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I know about the distinction. My problem is that even while using a chart, the plot from a subsequent run of the loop gets stitched to the previous one. And using a chart does not help.

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If you want to erase the history of the chart, get a chart property node for "History Data" and write an empty array to it.


If you want to erase the history of an XY graph, then you just need to stop graphing it by deleting it from your data array.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I hope I'm not annoying but. I need all the plots. Also, if you run the VI I attached to the first message, I'm trying to get what graph 2 does, but without the line that goes back at the end of each run.

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How about starting a new plot each time instead of continuing the old one back at the starting point?

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How does one do that?

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I found what I was looking for. Now I'm trying to dissect it and make it so that I can use real numbers instead of imaginary

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Use of Imaginary Numbers is a very clever "trick" that Altenbach uses to get both the X and Y values in a single quantity.  If you want to use separate X and Y values, you can do that, as well.


Bob Schor

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@Bob_Schor,  Do you have any ideas on how to separate them? I'm trying but i'm not getting anything good.

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