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IMAQ limit user ROI selection rectangle

Using LV2014 and Vision 2014.


I have a camera whose frame output is 2 images side-by-side, so the first 1280 columns are image 1 and the next 1280 columns are image 2.  I display the 2560 column image in an external window (IMAQ Windraw), along with the ROI tools. The user can then use the rectangle tool to select a ROI.

Is there a way to limit where the user is able to select such that the ROI is limited to be wholly in image 1 OR image 2 and not be part of both images?  Put another way, can the ROI be limited such that the maximum column is 1279 (for a ROI in image 1) or minimum column is 1280 (for a ROI in image 2)?  I of course could split the image into 2 IMAQ windows, but I'm wondering if there is a solution without doing that.


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Well, you could give the User a message that says "Choose an ROI in the left side of the Image", accept the ROI, then when it is entered, process it to enforce the right-hand edge, causing it to "snap back" to the left-right border if the ROI is too big (or to disappear entirely if it is entirely in the wrong side), in either case popping up an "admonishing" message, then do the same for the ROI on the right side.  That's what I think I'd try ...


Bob Schor

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