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Reading instruments with mutiple baud rates


I have two pressure manometers with RS-232 ports.
One of them is 2400 baud rate while the other is 9600 baud rate.
They continously spit out data on the port and there is no way to send commands to the two devices.
Since i have only one serial port, i am using a usb to serial adaptor for one of the devices.
I want to be able to read the two devices simaltaneously in a while loop, i come across the following error.

The instrument with the higher baud rate (9600) does not respond after the first read value and displays wrong information while the one with lower baud rate (2400) does respond correctly. If you change the pressure on the lower baud rate meter the higher baud rate meter begins to respond.

I suspect there is a problem with the timming ? Any ideas how i can solve this issue and get a clean stream of continous data ?

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