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front window desing

while writing code in block window my block window scrolls right and so is the front window . i want that my fron window shouls not scroll irrespective of the length of the block window. i want to display the controls at specific postion on front window but due to scrolling to right it is not possible at least i could not do there any way to remove scrolling from front window.
2.i am using config vi in acquiring data. ihave place config vi out of my while loop. i have connected this config vi to a control but every time i need to give channel list is it possible that i can assign the channel list just one time and when ever i start program it takes it automatically.
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If you really having so many controls to place on the FP, may I suggest that you
a. group them into categories
b. place each group of the controls into a tab of a tab control

They are many ways of organising the FP, if the code is not too large, you may wanna post it here to let the rest take a look?

Best regards,
Ian F
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You can remove scrollbars by going to File>>VI Propeties>>Window Appearance>>Custom. From here you can remove scrollbars, enable maximising of window etc.

Not sure if I fully understand your second question. You can make front panels controls have default values which will be loaded every time you open the VI. Goto Operate>>Make current values default.

If your doing something different, please let me know. Are you trying to change the channel list on the fly?
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There are very few actions on the block diagram that would trigger scrolling of the front panel. Double-clicking on a control or indicator terminal to find the front panel control would do that IF it is otherwise outside the windows boundary. (This often happens if you "create control" or "create indicator" from block diagram items.)

It is not possible to remove scrolling during an edit session. This is a run mode option.

For the second question you have at least two options. (1) Make the current values default. (2) replace the controls with diagram constants if you never need to be able to change them at run time.
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