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Re: labview 3D surface color map


I have used one of the 3D Surface Graph example found in the net and it used to work very nicely, but only for 1-2 weeks. All of a sudden I have no license for that (?!) I never downloaded any trial before and wondered if I can stick without it for example using the 3D examples.

It is nearly like the below example....

I would like to plot 3D antenna pattern graph. I have a database of (x tilt [deg]/y pan [deg]/ z [dBm]) .

I have a Base Dev System LV 2015....

Do I need an upgrade or can I do my purpose without buying an extra license?


Thanks in advance

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You can check what features LabVIEW base has here:

Search for 3D and you'll find what types of functions you can use. 


As for the trial version you didn't download: It may be that it came with your initial download of LabVIEW and the trial started when you started using the functions associated with it.  Do you know the name of what functions were being used during the trial?

To find a replacement, it may be helpful to attach a code snippet of the original graph program you have. 

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