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Raspberry Pi

Quick question on LV for the Pi , I understand LV Home 2014 is compatable with the Pi. Is the Pi only running the LV VI and the VI must be built on a PC, or can you install an entire version of LV on the Pi and have no need for a PC at all?  Also will the USB port on the Pi support all the LV USB DAQs and run the VI with out any PC power?





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You build the application on your PC and you deploy it using LINX (3.0).

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For the Raspberry PI 3 Model B you have to install in your computer:


-LabVIEW 2014 32 bit version ( if you install the 64 bit version it doesnt work, or any other LV like 2015, 2016)

-Control Design and Simulation Module

-MathScript RT Module


-VI Pakage Manager

-LINX 3.0


You cant install LB in the rasbian, all that you have to do its create a build for the PI, here its a link with a detail guide for configure your computer and your PI


Download the guide and check it, if you need more information we are here to help you


Good luck!



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