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Question of sensor mapping

Hello everyone, I am working on a project recently. I used sensor mapping and 3D display controls here. I have encountered two difficult problems that require everyone's help:
1. After loading the model through sensor mapping, how to display the position information of the 3D model by moving the mouse on the front panel of the 3D display, such as the coordinates, the temperature corresponding to the sensor placed on the 3D model.
2. 2. For sensor mapping, is there a good way to lay out the sensor by designing the program, because I am currently laying out the sensor based on a manual method, this method should not be a good strategy.
Because I have just been exposed to LabVIEW, all aspects are limited and I need your help and guidance in the forum. I am very grateful.
Your sincerity Sternberg

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Hi Sternberg

For sensors layout, it is a good way to draw pictures in SolidWorks and import them to labview.


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Hi Sternberg

Here is a 3D Sensor Mapping Example, sharing with you.

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I don't understand what you said, I don't know if you have a good solution to my doubts.

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