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Sensor mapping - sensor locations

Hello everyone,


I need help regarding the use of the 3D Sensor (Express vi). I can load a STL file without problems, but the manually positioning of the sensors is not a viable option in my case, so I figured I could edit the Express vi to give X,Y,Z coordinates to each sensor, but I don't know how:


there's a cluster named "long term sensor state" with sensor coordinates but when I change them the visualization remains the same: with the original manually placed locations. I have explored the subvis and I couldn't find where the clusters' coordinates are read.


Could someone help me understand how to change this subvi in order to give him specific X,Y,Z coordinates for each sensor?


Thanks a lot


Gabriel Balcells



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If you see the context Help to this vi there are only two different options to load the model: stl or vrml (virtual reality modeling language) then, if you want to give coordinates to this vi you must save that information in those formats. 


Those 2 model file types are export options in most CAD programs including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Pro/E but you can try to builda 3D model programatically Here you can see it:



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thanks for your answer. But I don't understand you! I have successfully loaded a STL model and I've been able to put sensors manually. Now you are suggesting that I can give the sensors coordinates x,y,z in stl format? I don't understand how could I do this. (Apart from the fact that I can only load one model).


Maybe I wasn't specific enough: I'm not talking about visualizing a figure that represents the sensor: I want to locate the "sensors" that this Express VI uses to generate the color interpolation through the surface of my stl 3d model. But I need to enter an array of coordinates, together with the array of values, instead of manually clicking each position (not programmable). 


If anyone can give me a hint, please!

Thanks a lot



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So I've looked into your issue, and what you can do is right click the Express VI and press Open Front Panel. What this does is converts the express VI into a standard sub VI. You can programmatically set sensors in there. Is that what you mean?



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Exactly, I already tried that, but I do not fully understand the subvi.

Inside there's a cluster named "long term state" where I can see the sensors coordinates that I have already put manually before. But after I change them the model remains exactly the same, the colors distribution remains unaltered.

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For what I Have found theres no other way using LV of mapping  sensors to the model besides modifying SensorConfig.llb and SensorSource.llb and stiching their functionalities together.


You can try to start with a single sensor: assuming that there was only one channel (one sensor) and was colouring the whole model in the same colour. Try to fix it by adjusting the number of DAQ channels in the Long Term Sensor State cluster. The code should work with the default values in the cluster as long as you change the model directory.


Take a look to Configure which I think handles the user interface functionality in SensorConfig.llb and in SensorSource.llb which handles the model update with the sensor values.


Hope this help



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Hello,Gabriel Balcells.

        I have recently encountered the same confusion as you, I don’t know if you are using the program method to set up the sensor to solve the problem?

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