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Programmatically determine cDAQ-9191 System Status

So what I have been reading, it might be a Max firewall allowances issue...please read the similiar issue links below the white paper


hope this helps

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Good thoughts... And the reason I mentioned the fixed IP addresses ... Firewalls are disabled... Not sure on ports specifically and will check. However the program receives data from the 9191 for days on end so communication is there - somehow the receiving end can not determine that the 9191 has gone off line - status refresh/check issue of some nature. I can trap it with the error the DAQ read generates, but that doesn't seem like the best way to determine device status....
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Aparently the 9191 is supposed to have a "heartbeat" signal exchange with the host pc as described in this artilce:


Apartently the "heartbeat" does not work correctly  - Anyone have any information on how to programatically monitor this "heartbeat" exchange as a method of determining that the 9191 is alive?

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could it be this or that?

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It could be "that" - see post above - any ideas on a "heartbeat" monitor?

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