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Programatically reinsert an ActiveX Container

I'm trying to resize an ActiveX container at runtime.


I can get the container to resize using the 'AXCont:Container Bounds' Property Node, and this does indeed resize the white area that seems to represent the ActiveX Container.


However, the area that my control draws itself in doesn't change. I can also see this at edit time - dragging the corner of the container leads to the white area becoming bigger, but a limited area being used by the inserted control.


Right clicking and reinserting the control resizes it to the container, which makes me think that the control is sized when it is inserted, and not again after that point.


Consequently, my question becomes, can I force my VI to reinsert the same ActiveX control in an ActiveX container programatically?


Some screenshots which hopefully illuminate the issue are attached. I apologise that the VI isn't attached but it seems unlikely to help unless you already have a copy of the same ActiveX control available (BSASysMon.IBSASysMon, in case you do...). This inline image shows the border of the control.reinsertingDialog.png

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Although an answer for this in general would still be interesting, it seems that the authors of my problematic ActiveX control have drastically improved/fixed matters in a subsequent version. Resizing the container seems to resize the control now, so I don't need to reinsert it any more.

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