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Problem with XControls and Waveform Chart



I tried to program an XControl containing a Waveform Chart. Additionally it should do a couple of other things (filtering certain values, calculate a mean value, etc.). I thought that I could use the "Data Change" event to pass the incoming data to the Waveform Chart. Generally this works but only if the value really *changed*, i.e. if the same value comes in several times, it is only displayed once. This is not what I want as I want it to display measurement data. Is there a way to achieve this (update the waveform chart whenever the data flow reaches the XControl). If not, how does the Waveform Chart itself do it?

My Labview version is 8.2.1. I really hope that somebody can help me.



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Please post a zip of your project along with a simple demo that shows what you are having trouble with. Lacking the code example, I can only guess that you have a WF version of the chart and your "t0" is the same for your updates.


Trying to help,



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nevermind, I found a workaround. The problem together with a workaround is posted here:


However it would be nice to know if this behaviour has changed in newer Labview versions.


Thanks anyway.



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