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Problem about chart show and graph show

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Hi all,

I am running a simple program on RT target PXI 1071 with a DAQ 6356. The program runs well but the results showing on the chart and graph are not what I want.

The timeout of the DAQ is set as 0.1s, so the result on the graph will update every 0.1s. However, I want to get the accumulated result from the start to the end. What change I need to make to get what I want?

And I do no understand the result from the waveform chart. Is there anything wrong with it in the program?


best regards








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I don't know how you've set-up your DAQ Assitant task but presumably you're acquiring chunks of data.

I believe at each iteration of the loop the graph is displaying only the most recently aquired chunk of data and the chart is piling them up and keeps only the last 1024 points (not chunks, but points) because by default the history length of the chart is 1024 points, maybe what you need is to set a larger history length (right clic on the chart).


Hope this helps, and if not put a screen shot of the front panel and explain what the chart & graph are displaying (instead of what you want) because right now I'm only guessing.

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Antoine Chalons

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