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Presenting multiple images over time

I am new to LabView can anyone help me with the following:

I would like to create an experiment in labview that presents multiple images on a full screen (for instance like a movie player of JPEGs except it is not a movie). This is what I would like for it to do just to give an example: for 2 sec 1 picture should be displayed on the entire screen, then another picture should open up for another 2 sec, and so on for however many pictures there will be.

In playing around with LabView I was able to open up one image (not full screen) on the front panel, but when I applied that to a sequence the first picture stayed open.
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Can you post your code?
Randall Pursley
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What you are trying to do is essentially create a fulscreen slide show in labview from a set of images (jpeg, bmp . . .)? You can use a "full screen picture box" or you can probably tap into the windows API (much more work to figure out). Also you can probably use an activeX control to do this but you will have to look around for one with the appropriate functionality. Anyway I have attached a LV7.0 "full screen" picture box vi. In the timeout event there is a repaint event which you can place the code to get the next image from an array of image references. All you will have to ad is code to get a array of file paths to the images and then use the load graphics and flatten to pixel map vi provided by NI. It should not be too much work to modified this vi so you it if you want. I have simulated pictures with different sized squares for lack of time to write the full code (I also dont know where or what type of pictures you plan on using). The Vi can be called and will execute until the last slide is drawn or the mouse is clicked. **Remember to check "erase first" on the picture box control property (not settable while vi is running) or you will not see the next pictures correctly.

Paul Falkenstein
Coleman Technologies Inc.
CLA, CPI, AIA-Vision
Labview 4.0- 2013, RT, Vision, FPGA
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