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Being a learner i have some basic problems regarding the programming in labview. My problem:


I have to develop a plate consisting of screws. Under the plate there will be in total 3 motors with the help of which i can loose or tight a screw (see the attached figure). For the postioning of screwdriver, i am using linear actuators along x and y axis and they have a 0 point (refrence point at one end). Now i want to create a drop down menu where the postion of other screws are saved e.g. the screw with 0 point is my screw number 1. and if i choose number 2 from the drop down menu the x and y motors should travel a specific distance to position the screw driver under the seond screw.

The question is wether such thing is possible using the drop down menu? Or what better alternative one can utilize in the labview?


Hope to have a timely response soon. Thanks   

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Accepted by acuteboy

Sure, the drop down is either a text ring or menu ring to contain your list of screws.  The values for each screw you use to index out the X and Y positions from an array.

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