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NI Automotive Diagnostics Command Set



I'm starting to use NI Automotive Diagnostics Command Set to create my own custom diagnostic app.

But when i ran Diagnostic Demo i had this error message:


NI Automotive Diagnostics Command Set:
A DLL required for communication with the ECU could not be loaded. Probably this library is not installed.


What is the required DLL to run the VI correctly ? And where can i find it ?



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I'm assuming this would be the DLL that is the API for the specific ECU you're talking to. This would come from the ECU manufacturer (I'm assuming).

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I digress, it's most likely this DLL:


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Thanks for your help


Where exactly does the DLL imply ? and how can i find it ?


i'm new to this diagnostic thing so if there any examples that could help i would be thankful.

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Do you have the NI-CAN driver installed? You can find out by going to NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) and look under Software for NI-CAN.. this will be your base driver to communicate with the ECU. 


Without knowing exactly what DLL it's looking for it's hard to imply what it is. Can you screenshot that error you get in "Explain Error" so we can get more info. I imagine if you installed NI Automotive Command Set it would have installed the CAN Driver and needed DLLs.. 


Does an error pop up when opening any example Diagnostic VIs that ask you to search for a particular DLL? 

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NI CAN Driver is not installed 😕 though i thought it was


If i may ask another question


Can i build an app based on this module that can communicate with ANY car's ECU ? meaning doing diagnosis on any model


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Install that NI-CAN driver, that may fix your problem.. and to answer your question, I honestly have no idea, I'm not that well versed in ECUs and how to communicate with them other than CAN interface, but I'm unsure if it is completely transportable from model to model, I highly doubt it.

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