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Ni Daq more than 0,1s to graph

Hello LabVIEW Users


this is my program for a measurement i used ni daq blocks for it but in my graph there is only data for 0,1 sek.

is it possible for me to tweak the program in a way so i can read the data for a minute and show that in the graph aswell?


at the moment it looks like this just only to 0,1 i extended the x axis to show all data is clearen after 0,1 sek.

Any Ideas on how to store the data are well appreciated by a ni daq noob^^



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Well you might be a noob but at least you will get to learn the difference between a Graph and a Chart. 😀


Oh, yes, try changing the Waveform Graph to a Chart.  That will help you.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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