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Network Shared Variables not recognized after re-opening the project

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(Using LabVIEW 2015 sp1)

I have a project with 6 network published shared variables. Every time that I close the project and reopen it, the VIs that use these variables have broken arrows, complaining that the shared variable is "not in the project" (They are!).


I have found out that if I rename the variables once, and then rename them again back to their original names, the issue is resolved!! Seems like LabVIEW does not initially load them, and by renaming them, I am forcing (?) it to load these variables. Anyone knows what is going on?!



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Hey SoheyIV,


After the project is reopened and the VIs have broken arrows, are you able to right click the library and deploy the shared variables? I'm wondering if deploying the library gives us the same result as renaming the shared variables.

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To follow up on Even-and's (odd-or?) comment, where are you hosting the shared variables, on the Host machine or on the Remote Target?  I'm guessing it is the latter, and, if so, EvenAnd is probably right about Deployment.


Hmm, I just looked up an older Project where I had Network Shared Variables to see how I avoided this particular problem.  However, they are no longer in the Project, as I kept having troubles using them for even simple things, so abandoned them entirely for Network Streams.


Bob Schor

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Bob_Schor (can't think of anything clever for your name) brings up a good point. This link give more information about hosting the Network Shared Variables on the host machine or RT target

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     Try initials!


Bob Schor

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No, deploying the shared variables does not fix this problem.

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They are hosted on the local machine. And deployment does not solve the problem.

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Are we deploying the shared variable engine?


Is the host on the same subnet as the target?


Could you provide a screenshot of your project when the shared variables are "not in the project"

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I have exactly the same problem.

I have a project running on a RT PXI, with 20 shared variables more or less, and every time I restart the project, LabVIEW says that two of them are not in the project anymore. I have to delete them, restart the project and put them again.

I try to replace them by two new ones, but it's the same. They are used in a class i don't know if it makes a difference, because in another of my project i have exactly the same project architecture and it works...


But on this one the class are locked, because I guess i'm using in the PC side the typedef saved in the classes so, since the class are opened"twice" virtually they are locked, i don't know if it makes a difference?


Thanks for your help

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SoheyIV and LeBobbyshoot, 


If either of you can create a small example code that reproduces this behavior, I can test this on my end. If the issue is not specific to your projects, perhaps this is a bug and needs a CAR

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