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Need help writing a program to capture the turn-on waveform of a power supply with a DSO-X 3024A Oscope

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I'm trying to write a program that will wait until I turn on a power supply and capture the waveform at that point on an Agilent 3024 scope. Attached I have my first attempt.


Does anyone have experience doing this sort of thing and can possibly provide an example. What I've done so far kind of works except that it toggles between the trace at gound and the "wait for trigger state" every few seconds on the scope. If I turn on the power supply during this "wait or trigger state in the loop" I capture the waveform I'm trying to capture on the scope. I'm not sure why this toggling is going on.



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What trigger level are you using?  What is the supply set for?


As far as your VI is concerned, I don't see a point in your while loop.  You should set up the scope to take a single capture, have a pop up telling you to turn on the supply, and then read the waveform when the acquisition is complete.

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The trigger level is set for 10V on a rising edge. The supply output is 15Vdc.


I got rid of the loop as you suggested.



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