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Need Help regarding LABVIEW data acquisition

I am working on the labview and i am trying to get data from the battery to the PC. The battery is a giving output via CANbus and i connect the can to usb converter and connect the usb to the LABVIEW. I check the output with the battery own managment program and it work ok but i want to use LABVIEW.

I need to ask what module i used for this. Is USB data acquisition funtion is avaliable on the website. I search the function in the labview but i didnot find one. Or i have to use the LABVIEW data acquisition module for this purpose.






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Hi, i dont think data can be just 'read' in LabVIEW form a 3rd party device. You need LabVIEW drivers for it(or write ones yourself). A better option would be to communicate with the CAN to USB converter and take the data in as raw data and process it yourself. Or you could always one of NIs cards(NI-CAN PCMCIA CAN interfaces).




LabVIEW 8.2,8.6,2009...still learning 😛
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