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"Timed loops internally call a dll (lvalarms.dll).  Make sure you have this.  "
What I meant was, Timed loops actually calls which, in turn, calls the above dll. 
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@Khalid wrote:
Timed loops internally call a dll (lvalarms.dll).  Make sure you have this.  ...


I think timed loops were introduced in LV7.1, and rogue is using LV7.0  ... so his/her problem is somewhere else.

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You're probably right -- I am not sure of the release-timing of the Timed loop  Smiley Tongue 

The solution is to replace it with a While Loop.  I would do that even if it's 7.1 or beyond, unless I am really doing some time-critical stuff.  Just make sure that there's a Wait function added to the While Loop with the value from the Period input of the Timed Loop.


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Hello evey body
this is a  screen shot of the diagram on my computer, as you see, the timed loop is broken, Smiley Sad , I can't resolve the problem!!! it doesn't work with a while loop neither with a timer!!!! and there are any error message beacause my computer was blocked each time
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Hi rogue,

Try to do it like this 😉

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