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NI USB 6216

Good day all,
I'm using NI USB 6216 for anther project. Please in order to connect IEPE accelerometer, do I need IEPE transducer ?
My problem is the LabVIEW did not detect the acceleration as an input. It reads it as a voltage. Please what should I do. Thanks in anticipation.
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I am a little confused by the question.

Normally most sensors give an output in voltage (-10V to 10V or 0V to 10V) or current (4mA to 20mA) which is proportional to the input (acceleration, force, temperature, etc)

For instance a piezosensor I have here: the output is 0V to 10V.

You may configure the acquistion card to scale the value to match the measured variable. In this way, the card will internally add an offset and multiply the values so that the output is, for example, from 0N to 22kN.

This of course under the assumption that the sensor behaves linearly.

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