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NI RT USB port as COM Port


I am using PXI-8106, would like to check is there any possibility to use the USB port as COM port.

Currently when I connect the instrument Its showing as: 

CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller "USB0::0x10C4::0xEA60::0001::RAW"


I am looking for a option COM 3 as we do have in My System.




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What OS are you running on the PXI-8186?  If it is Windows, then I would expect a Windows driver that came with your USB-to-COM port device to work.  If you are using an RT-OS, it would surprise me if it worked ...  However, doesn't the 8186 have a COM port?  I'm pretty sure I wired a DB9 cable into mine ...  Yes, it's in the upper right corner of the Controller.


Bob Schor

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