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Interfacing SPEX-1702 Monochromator with LV2012

Hii Friends,


Do advise me on the following problem.


I have a SPEX-1702 Monochromator which is to be interfaced with LV-2012 via RS-232. Initially, i have  searched for instrument driver of this device with the help of 'Scan for drivers option' in labview  but have found none.


I have learnt from the SPEX manual that, this instrument does not respond to *IDN?\n command. So, the commands need to sent manually. The company website also does not mention any drivers other than the interface VI's.


Manual(Attached in the pic)  tells me that the first step is to establish Autobaud by sending autobaud character. "<space>". However, i get an error by sending this command(In the pic).


I am unsure whether this is due to

1) Lack of instrument driver (or)

2) Command syntax problem.


Give me your suggestion to solve this problem.



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Have you tried reading back a single byte instead of 1024?



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Yes Ben64....Have tried it..but of no use...

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