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Multicolumn Listbox Keyboard Navigation Bug

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Attached is a vi demonstrating a bug I observed in January 2008 with LabVIEW 8.5.  Now in LabVIEW 10 I see that this issue still exists.


The problem is observed while setting the multicolumn listbox value programatically, in effect selecting a row programatically, and then trying to navigate to a different row in the listbox using the up/down arrow keys.  Navigation does not start from the currently selected row.  Instead it starts from the row that was selected prior to the programatic change to the multicolumn listbox value.

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Thank you for reporting this behavior. I have created a corrective action request #255312 for R&D to further investigate.

Stephanie A.
Americas Marketing Manager
National Instruments
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I'm still getting the same behavior in 2014...Smiley Sad

Not my tempo... AGAIN!
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Hey everyone,


This behavior was additionally tracked with CAR 448710 and is now fixed in LabVIEW 2015

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Are you sure this was fixed in 2015? I just opened the example in 2016 and I'm still experiencing the same problem.

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I am actually seeing the same thing in 2016. We will investigate this internally.



Applications Engineer

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This is also the case in LV 2015.0.1


Any updates? The current search feature in my program acts weird because of that.

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Accepted by Larry_Stanos

There is a KB that provides a workaround for the behavior you're seeing.


(How Can I Make Persistent Programmatic Changes to the Value of a Listbox Control?)

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That worked. Fantastic, thank you.

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The solution link is broken - can you share the method that worked for you?



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