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Microsoft Windows Image Acquisition Library with ActiveX

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I am trying to use ActiveX to control a scanner from LabView, take scanners and select in scanner properties. The Microsoft Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Library is within the ActiveX options in Labview but I am having problems to start a program with it.



I cannot move to the forward from the first step that is select in the correct container.



Could someone help me?

Kind regards,


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Accepted by topic author FranciscoBor

This is not an ActiveX Control but an ActiveX Automation Library. That means you can NOT add it to an LabVIEW ActiveX container as it has no visible user component.


Instead you use the Open Automation function in LabVIEW to instantiate those classes and use Property Nodes and Method Nodes. But that WIA interface is quite involved and it will be quite a bit of effort to get something that will actually work.

Rolf Kalbermatter
DEMO, TU Delft
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Dear Rolf,


Thank you for your answer. It was not an easy journey but I have finally WIA working. Attached you can find my Solution.

Kind regards,


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