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Methods for resizing front panel elements while keeping others locked (position and size)

Hi all


I am trying to make my front panel resizable so that the user may maximize the window to fill the whole screen if he/she wishes to. The front panel typically consists of one graph and a few controls (start, stop, log etc.). The controls should stay the same size and in the same position (e.g. occupying a height 100px, width 100% area at the buttom of the window) and the graph should fill the rest of the window. When the window is resized the graph should shrink/expand to fill the space and the controls should retain size and position.


What is the current best method for doing things like this and what do you guys do?


I've thought of using splitters ( or XControls (where you can get bounds, area, position etc. via property nodes). Any other ideas of comments on what might be best?


Best regards


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The splitter is the way to go.


You can set the splitters to lock in place relative to the window and then set graph to fill and scale with pane.


No additional code to write, LabVIEW will handle the scaling for you.

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Thanks - the splitters works just fine. I just wanted to know if that was what people were doing or if there were something even smarter/easier 🙂

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