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Hey there !


I'm new on labview but i'll try to give you as much details as possible.


To give a bit of context to my trials, my goal is to realise a DAQ system that generate an excel report which is created from a template.

For this, I'm currently simulating my DAQ system with the Simulate Signal vi. then i apply tone, spectral and amplitude measurement to get multiples data.

Finals step, I send theses acquired data as well as the signals simulated into the MS Office report vi to generate my report.


And here's my issue.

I made multiple trials but didn't find a solution yet.

When using the basic report for excel provided in the MS Office vi to store the data and generate a report, we canf find in this example, various type of data and different solutions on how to save them.

it works perfectly with my solution, i was able to save and plot my signal, got access to all data points and was well displayed.

I then try to use this template as a reference to create mine.

Made mine, use same fields and type of datas...everythings looks really the same than the NI template.

But i can"t store and display data points from my generated signals and got error 41110 code

String value work, i can display my signal...but can't find a solution to get an array with data points.

I tried to "cast" the data points format to string but didn't fix it.

Using other VI, like write to measurement file, allows me to get those data points, but i can't use a dedicated template.


error is displayed on AmplitudeMeasured but it's not the case. this value is correctly stored but the following one, my 2d array table is creating this error.



To sum-up, my issue is : I can't save data points in an excel file using MS Office report VI and my personnal template


Find attached my excel template and labview vi.


Thanks in advance

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forgot to add details and version of labview used

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The error message explains the problem.  You do not have named ranges in your Excel file, meaning LabVIEW doesn't know where to put the data. 



Edit: Unfortunately, I can't open your VI. 




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Thanks for your answer.


I wouldn't have a post a message here if i havn't check this already.

I do have names ranged in my excel template. it works for some of referenced cells but not for some others.

that's where my issue is.


My excel is in French but here is the name management tab that reference all the named range.

all my "containers" are named and 90% works fine.

Only when i want to write data points from my signals... probably because it should extend the pre defined size or i don't know.



I uploaded a saved version under 2012 edition here after


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The named range doesn't exist on the main worksheet.  The express VI doesn't change worksheets.

Heads up! NI has moved LabVIEW to a mandatory SaaS subscription policy, along with a big price increase. Make your voice heard.
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I've used the Report Generation Toolkit for more than a decade, but have never used the MS Office Report express VI (I generally avoid Express VIs).  I made a "Revised Generate Excel Report" post here a decade ago (start typing what I put in quotation marks in the Forum's Board Search Bar and you'll find it) that shows how to put multiple things on a WorkSheet (including a graph) -- it worked then, and it works now.


If you want to use multiple WorkSheets, there are Excel-specific Functions in the RGT that will let you do that, too.


Bob Schor

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Hey !


Thank you for your answer, it explains why i couldn't do such things with my templates.


I'll try to think to another solution to be able to also store my data points.

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Hello Bob,


thank you for your reply, i'll give a look to your solution.


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