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Labview robotic module: Inverse Kinematics

i upload a 5-axes arm from solidworks to labview. actually i can command this arm and i can get correctly the different coordinates of my end effector (i verify this using the forward kinematics vi). but the problem is when i try to calculate the inverse kinematics, an error which is handled ''Error -310040 occurred at NI_Kinematics.lvlib:Inverse Kinematics (Point).vi : LabVIEW Robotics:  (Hex 0xFFFB44E8) LabVIEW cannot converge to a solution in the number of steps you specified. Make sure that the serial arm can achieve the transform you desire.'' so i try to get a position calculated by the forward kinematics vi, so am sure that my arm can achieve this position, but the same error is also handled. 

so i upload for u my vi to understand more my problem


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yes i did..i think that my problem come from an error in DH i upload my vi in order to verify them with me 


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I downloaded the .zip folder you posted, but it says that it's empty. Could you try to repost that?

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i upload it again but i think that u ll get the same problem

i can pass to u my email(if u want) it will be easier to send u my files

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i use labview robotic module to command a 5-axes robotic arm. so upload the design of my arm from solidworks to labview using the extension vrml (.wrl). but i didn't find a method to complete axes of the different should i so organize these axes ( as shown in pictures below. it's only a simple try but it's not correct the organization of these axes that i've made). i didn't understand which method i can use in order to get after that correct results when i will use denavit hartenberg convention

thanks in advance 

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You're probably going to want to check your math. Can you give it more steps? Which coordinates are giving you problems?

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 i made the design of my arm using Solidworks and i upload this arm to the robotic environment simulator of labview using the extension VRML .wrl (as shown in the picture which are saved in the folder "links axis" below : my first problem is there: which method i use to make the axe of each link), then i made the different joints (here i used the convention of hartenberg to make the different axis).then i passed to my code where i tried to verify the forward kinematics, first i put an indicator to observe hartenberg parameters:i notice that they are OK except the coordinate offset joint i don't know wh‌y they aren't null..then i verify the position of my end effector: it's OK,,but from these positions i couldn't realize the inverse kinematics(the error is show below).i think that the problem come from the oganization of different axis of each link

u can consult my vi/project in the folder below

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Can you provide some more information regarding what you've tried previously, if any? What do you mean by organizing the axes?

Marco C.
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National Instruments
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u can see the folder below,,u ll understand my problem


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