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Labview freezes during installation

I have an enduser that I am setting up a repurprosed computer.  The computer was originally used by a summer marketing intern so there was never any NI software.  I was setting it up, and installed 8.6 by accident as the engineer then instructed me he preferred 2010 sp1.  I ran uninstall from the CLI as the GUI didnt have a way I found to uninstall it completely with one swoop.


Yesterday it froze during the drivers disc, but now, I redid it after the uninstall and now it froze on the disc two - product 14 of 16: Currently installing Compilation Tools for Virtex-II FPGA Devices.  It has been sititng like this for the past hour. 


The end user does have Xilinx Webpack previously installed, v.14. 

Office 2007.

Lotus Notes 8.5.3


Windows 7 x64


I am using the Labview 2010 SP1 Platform DVD set


Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Thanks and regards

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