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A .net constructor throws an exception. Assembly problem?

I am new to this forum and LabView in general.


I am having a trouble with an .net constructor. I am calling a .DLL file with the Constructor Node. I get a "Error 1172....A .NET exception occured in an external assembly." I have installed the .DLL file to the GAC and I have verified in the View/.NET in Assemblies tool that the .DLL file is linked correctly.


My goal is to use a function called groupCommand() that I get from the SMBusAdapter constructor. What is interesting is that I have got other functions from the same .DLL file to work.


Can someone please give me some guidance. I attached the files I am using and there is also the GAC installer.


(I am running LabView 2011 on Windows Vista)


Attached files:
TIDP.SAA2.dll - the .dll file - the file where the problem is. - A file where I got the .dll file to work with another function.





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A constructor should be called only once.


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Of course, but I am only calling the constructor once.

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