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Labview Exe acts different than Vi

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Hey everyone,


I recognized a strange behavior while Testing an old application i build some timne ago.


The LV Project ist build up with .NET Objects as Models and Calculationroutines. Everthing runs fine in the LabView IDE. Calculation and Models are running well.

When I compile this Project with the LV Builder, it starts fine. But i do recognize some strange thing.


In .net I have defined a Class A like:


class A



function_one( x,y,z)






Where x,y,z,c,a are all numerics.


And now it comes. As i mentioned in the Vi (LV IDE) everthing works fine.


The call of function_one()  and funktion_two() works perfect. In the Exe-Application function_one() works, but functuion_two is not even called, as I debugg the exe-App with Visual Studio.


So whats the deal here `??? Why does funtion_two not work??? not even called?


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We probably ned to see some code.

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You can also debug a built EXE using LabVIEW.


This helps see the values on the wires when an EXE is running.

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Thanks for the fast reply.



As the complete Modell is a complex agregation of different objects, it's not able to prepare in short time an example. But there are some screenshots of code and results.(see attachment)



I prepared the client runnigmachine as described in

Starting Debugging on developer enginge results in a crash of the debugging LV IDE on the developer engine. And the the Clients still does everthing else shown in the main Vi. Everting except for the function_a of course ;|



The .Net Elements are used in different simulations like the one described here. I didbt see such behavior befor or in other following applikations.











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Simply not possible. Untill and unless you wont show us your code.


If this is the case then I will be the first person who looses his job..Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

Kudos are always welcome if you got solution to some extent.

I need my difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy my success.
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I definitely cant offer you the maybe its time to buy your boss the cigars he allways wanted. 🙂


Or what is the meaning of impossible... ?


As I mentioned, i do develop different LabView Applications based on that .NET Api. None shows this behavior. So when i build a small example app, we will not be able to see that...

Besides I'm not allowed to show you the complete code of this Vi.

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Could it be a timing issue? 
Code runing faster in exe file?


Do you have any errors ?
Make sure you catch all error in the system.


On a side note:

Is it flat sequence strunctures that your vi is filled with?

How big is your vi? 2/3/4 screens wide?

Take a look at:



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Are you sure your executable is pulling in the dlls from the same place your source code is?  Maybe it's refering to old, non-working versions?

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Is it possible that the calls need to occur in a certain order to work. Since there is no data dependency, the order of execution is not defined and can change.


(Is is really not very helpful to show an image that is scaled down so much to be nearly unrecognizable. Of course we can see that non of your error outputs are hooked up. Why not? Maybe they try to tell you something interesting? We can also guess that your VI suffers from a severe case of localitis and sequenceitis, so all bets are off.)

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the place where it is going wrong, may be the path from where it is choosing the file, data and other things going wrong. Use indicators and debug

Kudos are always welcome if you got solution to some extent.

I need my difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy my success.
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