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Labview Core 2 Ex. 3.4

Hi All,


I am new here and pretty newbie to LabVIEW. Just started working on it for a University lesson purpose so sorry for asking basic questions 😅


Right now, im doing exercise 3-4 (Create Histogram Application) and im dealing with some issues.


1. The first one is about Error Handler .vi  in the image i attach directly from the core 2 exercise guide there is an Error Handler .vi  and as long as i searched i cannot find any vi that corresponds to that. The only vi i found was "Simple Error .vi" but it is not the same. It does not explain how i can create that error handler


2. The second issue is about "Consumer Shutdown?"  (i circled it in the same image) it does not explain how i can create it or what it is.


As a result the vi does not work so i cannot run it and watch the result and how the whole thing works.


Please if you could help me i would appreciate that.  The Labview version im working with is 2020 x64





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I'm guessing that you duplicated the Producer  Consumer - Event project instead of the Producer Consumer - Template project. 

Now Using LabVIEW 2019SP1 and TestStand 2019
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Hi Bill,


1) This may be a custom vi. You could replace it with the following and it should at least run.

     Place a Case Structure and add a Release Queue in the error case.

Error Handler.png

2) The "Consumer Shutdown?" item (it's a local variable) has a comment underneath that says

    "Hidden fp [Front Panel] control used as local variable to stop loops."



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