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Labview 7 Express - can't find VI in getting started tutorial.

I have now twice installed LabVIEW 7 Express "Base Development System" on Windows XP. The second time I also installed the device drivers.

I'm trying to follow the tutorials in the "Getting Started with LabVIEW" manual.

For the first example, the "Scaling and Mapping" Express VI does not appear to be installed. I got around that using the "Waveform Scaling."

In the second example, when I right-click on the "Amplitude and Level" VI it pops up a file browser labeled "Please find the VI named "Ex_Inst_Amplitude and Level"

That file does not appear to be anywhere on the computer's hard drive.

I have tried running it both as a normal user and as an admistrator of the machine. Makes no difference. What's going on here?

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Unfortunately, according to the LabView Help doc, neither the "Scaling and Mapping" or "Amplitude and Level Measurements" Express VIs are included in the Base Package. 😞
I'm assuming that you are using the Getting Started with LabView manual linked here
I can't say I understand why the tutorial should reference VIs that are not included with your package, it may just be an oversight. However, generally you can workaround the Express VIs as you have done.
If you get stuck you can always post another question on the forum.
Good luck.

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Thanks, Neil.

Yeah I figured that out myself after posting. Soon I'll be getting the 7.1 dev.suite so there will be no more gotchas then, I guess. Just trying to learn the basics...

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