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Labview 6.0.2 Call Library Function not working


I'm trying to use a dll that a coworker created for me (using MS Visual C) in labView 6.0.2. When I open up the Call Library Function, and browse to the dll file, it successfully shows the function names to choose from. The problem is that when I choose one, it doesn't read it correctly. In other words, for a function, my coworker has in her .h file:

__declspec(dllexport) void __stdcall Set_Vit10_Mode(UBYTE Arg, UBYTE mode);

but LabView thinks it looks like this:

void ?Set_Vit10_Mode@@YGXEE@Z(void);

Does anyone have any idea what is going on with this? Thank you very much

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This is completely normal and expected behavior. The Call Library function cannot resolve the return value or the parameters for the function that the dll exports. In other words, you must fill it out yourself with the configure dialog. Using the add parmeter after button put the required paramters in and then change the return value that the .h specifies. Then you should be set.
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This is normal. The call library function is unable to determine the
parameters and the return value. You must specify them yourself in the
configure dialog and the add parameter after button and changing the return
type manually
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By the way, the characters '@@YGEE@Z' are so called name decorations. These are characters used by C++ to determine parameter and return types at link-time. If your co-worker is a wizard she can make the compiler to supress these characters, making the name look nicer.
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Thank you very much!
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