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Colouring Pixels

How do i colour specific pixels on the greyscale Intensity Charts? ie: in my 2D array, is there a specific operation i need to do on the required entries to make them coloured?
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I'm not sure that i've understood you correctly, but the colour of the pixel in intensity graph is determined by the value of the element in your 2D array. If you want to change the color of the pixel with coordinates (i,j) you have to just replace array element in your 2D array with indecies (i,j).

Example is attached.

Good luck.

Oleg Chutko
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thanks for replying..but my problem is that i want to insert specific coloured pixels into a greyscale plot...or grey pixels into a colour plot. I need to be able to draw an arc on my 2D array in a different colour scheme to what the Intensity Chart uses
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