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Labview 2011 FPGA Compile Error

Considering that the Norton tools complained about the compilion programs, I am concerned that they may have tried to clean/remove the mentioned programs. As much as it's an annoyance, can you attempt to reinstall LV + FPGA + the Xilinx tools after the Norton tools have been removed and see if the problem persists?

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I tried to repair compilation tools particularly Xillinx compilation tools.While do so the installer ask the path or DVD , G\Labview\Distributions\Xillinx 12.5,but i could not browse the mensioned file in DVD 1, 2,and driver. Where could i find the files?




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I have not run into this issue myself, but apparently the Xilinx tools should be on the second DVD of the Platform installation set.

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The Xilinx 12 installer will be located under DVD 2 in this location, "[DVD Drive]\Distributions\Xilinx 12".

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-EDIT- already answered, thanks Terry

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Ya . I found it. Thanks a lot.




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Hi Brad,


The WinXP issue was resolved by replaced the version of libBZ2.dll (located in C:\Windows\system32) with the version that came with Xilinx Tools.


TEMP/TMP were set to C:\Windows\Temp. This issue is due to a permissions issue arising from an installation of CYGWIN - my own fault. I should probably repair/reinstall Windows 7 at some stage.

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That would be the most absolute way to ensure that the problem gets fixed, but enough poking/prodding with tools such as depends.exe (to watch what the compile worker does during execution), procmon, or a similar program to try to see what is happening around the launch of the tools that are failing to run. 


Considering that Xilinx tools includes a lot of libs/tools that are also part of Cygwin, and version issues can arise fairly easily, I would not be surprised if it were some other library installed by Cygwin that the normal Windows DLL loading system is finding first and attempting to use that library that is incompatible with what Xilinx provides. I leave it to you to decide how painful a Windows reinstall will be in the face of trying to untangle the issue...

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Hi jnallen,


I am getting a similar error code on compiling my FPGA VI. I am using LabVIEW 2012 and FPGA 2012. I followed the same procedure that you mentioned above about copying the libBZ2.dll from the Xilinx tools folder into the Windows/system 32 folder. Yet, I get the same error after compiling. My system is running on Windows 7.


Thanks for your help in advance.





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Just a similar error (e.g. a file is not being found) or essentially the same error (e.g. a .bld file is not being found)? Or is it even more different than that?

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