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LabView- Elvis iii

Hello everyone,


I have a problem while i using labview and Elvis iii. I am trying to make a sine wave signal get out from an analog output at Elvis iii. I am sure that my block diagramm is right but unfortunatly my elvis is not responding. I use the labview 2019 32bits version. In my diagramm i use a simulation sine signal and an analog output block. I also have installed the labview Elvis iii toolkit 2019 sp1. Does anyone has any idea about what is wrong or what do i have to do? Do i have to update my Elvis software or do i need any other labview version? 



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Your problem is probably either bad hardware or bad software.  We don't have access to your hardware, and you failed to provide us access to your software, so there is limited help we can provide.


Have you tried plugging in your Elvis, and running MAX?  I think MAX should be able to "see" the Elvis and run some Test Panels on it.  Try to make Elvis generate a sinusoid in a Test Panel (I'm assuming that's an option, never did much with Elvis after our NI Salesman sold my Engineering colleague a dozen setups of the original Elvis the same year the Elvis II was announced.  [They were never used, as the software largely didn't work with the newer version of LabVIEW].


For help with your code, attach the Code, preferably "save for Previous Version" and choosing LabVIEW 2019 or 2021.


Bob  Schor

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