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STL geometry object


I am LabVIEW developer and i am new to the STL geometry coding.

I have load the STL image in the LabVIEW.  i am giving  the constant value to the rotate  X  and Y axis vi. still STL geometry image is flickering (Unsteadily) Ideally it should be at constant position. is any one knows the reason behind this ? or am I missing something. 


Thanks in advance




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can you share some of the code ? in lv 2020 pls ? 


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I don't have LV 2020 installed on my PC. So here is simple LV code which I have developed and sometimes its working Okay. but after sometimes image start to flicker (Unsteadily)


Flickering video I have uploaded on the below link.



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Do you want to continually rotate the device at a rate of 1kHz?


Or do you want to set a constant rotation value?


Your code is performing a rotate function every 1ms. Obviously, unless you have a very fast PC and extremely fast monitor, you're not going to see all of these. What you are seeing is a snapshot of your object's position whenever a screen refresh is happening. If anything, I'm surprised it's so repeatable.


Try using "Set rotation" instead of "Rotate" and slow down the loop by a factor of 20 or so. i.e. wait on ms with 20ms set. This is still a 50Hz update rate.

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