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LabView 2012 LLB startup

We are using LLBs for distribution of packaged (usually only one copy) editable at the target test programs for our lab. The LLBs are being clicked on by the user, from Win 7 and Win XP systems, and instead of starting up the "top level" program in the LLB, it opens the LLB manager which confuses any test operator not intimatly familiar with the particular test. Is this a "new" feature for LV12, or is there a hidden secret setting we have got wrong?

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This change actually occurred quite a long time ago. Can't remember if it was 8.5 or 8.6 where this was changed. I think the new behavior is far better. In your case you would obviously disagree because of the way you are distributing the code. You will need to change the way you distribute the code. For example, take the top-level VIs out of the LLB.


May I ask why you are distributing editable code to test operators?

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We test a lot of different "one of" cases. We do not do a full freeze on the final because changes are often needed in mid test, as a test engineer finds a bug or needs to modify some behavior on the fly. The mod is often very time critical and would be very hard to handle by having a seperate develope and deploy cycle, especially since much of the test hardware stack is one of as well (at least within our lab's short turn around availability).  I do have cases where a fixed solution is re-used without modification again and again, but that is usually compiled code and is handled differently. We have been typically running 8.2 on XP machines so we are just now upgrading to win 7 and LV 12. A block mod makes more sense for our lab systems but it does produce some shocks here and there.

I was wondering why the bahavior changed. I did not notice that it changed when we moved to LV 9/11/12.

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